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16 Jan Role – Audio Designer/Musician

We are looking for a junior audio engineer/designer to create amazing audio FX and music for our games and machines. The candidate will work alongside design and the production team, and be responsible for creating audio FX and music across various styles and themes. The candidate...

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15 Oct Role – Artist

We are currently looking for an Artist to join our award winning team to work on all areas of artwork for the studio – from game assets to marketing and everything in between.  Our Ideal candidate should have: • The creative ability to take broad ideas, briefs...

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11 Sep Optimisations

[progress_bar title='GAME FOOTPRINT' title_color='#4f4f4f' title_tag='h2' percent='72.6' percent_color='' active_background_color='#5ac761' active_border_color='' noactive_background_color='#dedede' height='10'] [progress_bar title='SERVER CALLS' title_color='#4f4f4f' title_tag='h2' percent='54' percent_color='' active_background_color='#5ac761' active_border_color='' noactive_background_color='#dedede' height='10'] This month has been host to an aggressive array of optimizations across every aspect of Pure Slots! We've reduced the over-all game footprint by just over...

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09 Apr

Hi Pure Slots fans!In this video Rob, our game tester, shares a sneaky peek a development iPad version of Pure Slots that we are working on for you.As you will see there are just two machines implemented right now - you are getting an exclusive early...

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27 Jan New Feature! – Scratchcards

Our new Uber-coder Dan has been hard at work to deliver us scratchcards to the Facebook version of Pure Slots. Scratchcards offer players a method of boosting their winnings and add a new level of gambling based fun. We expanded on the idea of traditional online...

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21 Mar 25,000 Likes!

We're ecstatic! The Facebook version of Pure Slots has reached 25,000 likes so far! We're so pleased to see the user response to our baby be so positive, we have so many cool ideas in the works, let's hope this goes from strength to strength!...

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